Baldemar’s Car Accident Recovery Fund

Many of you have come to know our beloved shelter staff member Baldemar. Last week, Baldemar was involved in a car accident which totaled his car. He was blessed to come out of the accident unharmed, but his car wasn’t so lucky. Now that Baldemar is carless, he is faced with additional challenges as the head of one of our most rural shelters. His car not only provided Baldemar with transportation for himself but also provided the major means of transportation for our Osman Hope kids and the supplies needed for the shelter. 

In the effort to provide Baldemar with another car we have created a GoFundMe so that he may resume his responsibilities as a staff member for Osman Hope. Please join us in giving hope back to one of our most dedicated and inspirational staff members in rural Honduras.

For any additional questions, please email one of our following board members: 

Arianna -> 
John ->
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