Fight Poverty Fridays

Osman Students are busy becoming educated and defying their odds by becoming integral members within their communities! 

Did you know that the basic educational system in Honduras only covers 86.5% of school-age children, while the remaining 13.5% have no access to education? Furthermore, public education is only funded from ages 6-15. The horrifying truth is that the majority of these students drop out before completing their education and are forced into child labor due to the financial burdens suffered by their families. 

According to the Borgen Project, “girls in urban settings are often forced to not attend class or drop-out altogether for fear of their own safety.” As most of us know, gang violence remains a harrowing threat in the poverty-stricken areas of Honduras, and especially to children. Gangs often establish their dominance in an area of a city by murdering girls and leaving behind their bodies. Surely, education is not a priority when staying alive is their dire objective. Truly a debilitating thought when we come to think of it- but one that must be shared in an effort to raise awareness and evoke positive change. 

That’s where organizations such as us come in! Osman Hope continues to strive to end the cycle of poverty by providing shelter, education, and resources to these bright young individuals in a safe and nurturing way. Providing a safe space for our Osman Kids to learn about school, life, faith, and most importantly HOPE are some things we value most. 
Together, we make a difference. Together, we take a stand to violence and poverty. Will you join us?  

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