Help Break the Cycle of Poverty in Honduras

#GivingTuesday – November 28th, 2017

Donations to Osman Hope made through Facebook’s charitable giving tools on November 28th’s Giving Tuesday will be matched up to $50,000, or until the $2 million in matching funds run out. The donation matching will begin at 8AM EST (5AM PST). Your donations mean the world to the children of Honduras and Osman Hope; on November 28th, your generosity is doubled!

Donating to Osman Hope through Facebook on Giving Tuesday is really simple. Visit Osman Hope’s Facebook page at and click the big, blue ‘Donate’ button on our Facebook page. Click here to visit our Facebook page & donate to Osman Hope to help break the cycle of poverty for the children of Honduras.

Honduras faces many challenges, especially considering that 4.7 million of 7 million total inhabitants live in poverty, and that almost half of the population survives on less than $1 US daily. Social problems facing children include drug, alcohol, and glue addiction, forced child labor, prostitution, and trafficking for sexual exploitation and labor. Children’s rights organizations and the Honduran government have estimated that 20,000 children live in the streets daily. It is not uncommon for children to leave school and begin work at a young age to help support their families. Child labor laws exist but are loosely enforced, and most children who work do so to support their families in the agriculture, commerce, or maquiladora sectors. Compulsory education ends at the age of 13, and a 2004 survey showed that the women and men average only 5.6 years and 5.3 years of formal education, respectively.

These realities are why Osman Hope exists. Once sponsored, a child will be welcome to attend one of our shelters during the week where they will receive care such as healthy meals, hygiene, rest, recreation, tutoring, and spiritual education respectful to their culture. Still run by a volunteer administration, Osman Hope now employs 9 persons in two shelters and has maintained lasting collaborations with individuals, non-profit agencies, families, churches, and government entities in the United States and Honduras. Please consider donating to Osman Hope today and help end the cycle of poverty in Honduras.