Meet Emely and Melany Gutiérrez

Emely and Melany have lived with their maternal grandmother since their first five months of age. Their father abandoned them, leaving a mother without the economic resources to support them. Therefore, their grandmother took full charge of them. Their mother went to work in the maquilas (factories).

The mother of these girls, is a person with little education. She could not aspire to a better paid position in the maquilas. So four years ago she decided to leave illegally in one of the many caravans that leave our country, in search of the “American dream”. Not all of those who undertake this uncertain and dangerous path manage to achieve their goals, some are left stranded in Mexico.

Currently, the mother of these girls works in a bar in Mexico, and the little she can send does not manage to cover all the needs of these girls. She is saving to take them to Mexico, also in a future caravan.

Now, here I detail the power of Osman Hope to give hope and change an uncertain destiny in the lives of these beautiful girls. When the mother realized that her daughters are protected by Osman Hope, her thoughts and ideas have radically changed. Osman Hope has given rest and hope to their mother in Mexico. Because she knows that Osman Hope gives them food, a healthy environment, fun, Christian principles and an opportunity to study a profession, which she cannot give them. So they will be staying in Honduras.