Shelters Update

Post pandemic, our shelters are running better than ever. We can say this because during the pandemic, we equipped the shelters with additional computers for virtual learning. Our kids now have the ability to use them for studying as they resume in-class learning.

Unfortunately, one of our church partners decided to close their shelter due to their own financial issues. But as this door closed, another one opened. We are now supporting roughly 60 children sponsored by the church, Roca de Salvacion. These children come from the mountains outside of our Santa Cruz shelter and are in great need.

As we did at the other shelters, we started supplying this church with food, mainly to feed the children. As the pandemic has wound down, we decided to partner with the church and continue feeding the children. In time, Roca will evolve to the level of the other shelters helping to educate the children.

In the area where the church is located, 80% of the population are at or below the poverty level. 60% of the population is below the age of 12. And a staggering 45% of the children dropped out of school during the pandemic.