Villanueva – Starting a New Shelter

As you might remember, at the Episcopal Bishop’s insistence, we closed the shelter and made sure all of the caretakers received their severance pay. We kept one caretake, Ketys Garcia, to help coordinate any activities in the Villanueva area.

On Board member Ana Reid’s recent visit to Honduras, she met with Manuel de Jesus. He is the pastor of the church we are considering partnering with for a new home for an Osman Hope shelter. We all agreed that it is a great space for the program. Currently, they have one space available that can serve as a computer/office room as well as a large covered open space that can have multiple uses. It is expected that two more rooms and a small kitchen will be available early spring. They expect the completion of their new church building by then. The pastor expressed how happy he was when Baldemar (Santa Cruz shelter administrator) approached him to discuss the possible partnership and he is happy to move forward. He is open to making changes to accommodate needs, such as making the kitchen bigger, as space allows. The office/computer room needs an L-shaped desk built, a filing cabinet, and air conditioner (there is not enough ventilation in the small room). The space is small, but it will be suitable for about 3-4 computers, a desk and filing cabinet. Pastor Manuel will be bringing someone to look at what needs to be done and will get back to Baldemar with an estimate.